Advertising Skills Certification 2016 – Upwork Test Answers


Till 27 February 2016, this Upwork Advertising Skills Certification attended by 19,734 freelancers and total 7,760 freelancers qualified it. Please Try to review each questions and answers properly. Take your time. Maybe you can have Top Result in Upwork Advertising Skills Certification.

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Upwork Advertising Skills Certification 2016

27 Answered Test Questions:
1. What does a campaign mean?
a. A series of ads that follow the same strategy or objective
a. A series of ads presented to the high tech clients only
a. A term used frequently in direct mail packages
a. None of the above
2. If people refer to any cola as “Coke”, though it may not be a product of Coca-Cola, then it can be said that Coke has captured the__________.
a. Brand recall share
a. Brand share
a. Mind share
a. Mind market
3. Which of the following is true about infomercials?
a. They help to create brand awareness only
a. They are targeted to trigger an impulse purchase
a. They rely heavily on testimonials
a. They help to supplement sales of leading brands
4. Where are the Press Kits used as a promotional activity?
a. At a press conference
a. In bulletin boards
a. In radio announcements
a. In brochures
5. Which of the following options refers to last minute advertising?
a. Remnant advertising
a. Covert advertising
a. Public service advertising
a. Surrogate advertising
6. When you, as a copywriter, deal with websites, kiosks, CD ROMs, SMS marketing, then you become a part of a/an _____.
a. health care agency
a. retail agency
a. interactive agency
a. promotional agency
7. In advertising a short, introductory headline above the main headline but in smaller type is called:
a. Leading title
a. Overline/Eyebrow
a. Pre-heading
a. Leading headline
8. What is a brand said to have achieved when its recognition builds to a point where that brand enjoys a critical mass of positive sentiment in the market place?
a. Critical brand identity recall
a. Critical brand awareness recall
a. Brand franchise
a. Default brand inclination
9. Copywriters are people who read, write and create ______.
a. songs
a. dialogues
a. advertisements
a. All of the above
10. In the terminology of advertising, ‘Standard Agency Protocol’ means:
a. How an agency likes to operate
a. How an agency likes to communicate
a. How an agency likes to be perceived
a. How an agency likes to make sales
11. What information does a strategic brief contain?
a. Current beliefs of the consumers about the products
a. Information on the competitor and the appropriate format
a. A hypothesis of the strategic actions to be taken
a. All of the above

12. A showcase of the copywriter’s work or collection of sample advertisements is known as.
a. brochure
a. commercial
a. portfolio
a. write-up
13. In 1950s, they were known as ‘slogans’. What are they now known as?
a. Catchphrase
a. Marketing line
a. Trademark line
a. Tagline
14. The agency that specializes in mail packages, postcards and other mailing items is known as a/an_____.
a. interactive agency
a. in- house agency
a. technical agency
a. direct agency
15. A copywriter working for a single client is said to be part of a/an __________.
a. interactive agency
a. retail agency
a. in-house agency
a. general agency
16. What does Pro Bono Work mean in advertising?
a. Providing services with minimal charges
a. Providing services with a high amount of profit
a. Providing services with maximum charges
a. Providing services free of cost
17. What does the term ‘Buckslip’ in direct mail packages mean?
a. A slip of paper in credit card bills
a. The main copy in the ad
a. A copy that points short, concise sales points
a. None of the above
18. When in a film, the main character is shown using an item of a definite brand, what kind of advertising is being used?
a. Wallpaper
a. White label
a. Brand enforced
a. Covert
19. The higher the __________of a brand, company, celebrity or television show, the more highly regarded will be its appeal and familiarity.
a. P score
a. S score
a. Q score
a. M score
20. An Ad in the Island position of a newspaper is on the editorial page.
a. True
a. False
21. What does a ‘Spot’ mean in advertising?
a. Radio/Television advertisements
a. Fashion advertisements
a. Business advertisements
a. Consumer durable advertisements
22. What does “spec” mean in advertising?
a. It means work that is done for a client without a contract or job order
a. It means work that has been produced in the media
a. It means work that has been approved by the media
a. It means work that has been copied from some source
23. The tag line of Domino’s Pizza says, “You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less — or it’s free.”
This Tag line is conveying The _________ of Domino’s Pizza.
a. Unique selling proposition
a. Unique perceived benefit
a. Point of difference
24. The Research and Planning Department of an advertising firm works collectively with the _____.
a. production team
a. creative team
a. media
a. accounts team
25. ________is an ad about an ad.
a. Pseudo advertising
a. Meta advertising
a. Self advertising
a. Recursive advertising
26. Which words can be seen at the bottom of a Pro Bono ad?
a. Ad Caption
a. Ad Corporate
a. Ad Council
a. Ad Community
27. In which kind of advertising is consumer generated content incorporated?
a. Involvement marketing
a. Affinity marketing
a. Communal marketing
a. Personal story marketing

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