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Till 26 February 2016, 5,107 freelancers attended for this Upwork Drupal Test and total 2,203 freelancers qualified it. Please Try to review each questions and answers properly. Take your time. Maybe you can have top Top position in Upwork Drupal Test.

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Upwork Drupal Test 2016

65 Answered Test Questions:
1. Which of the following is the correct way to get the current theme path in Drupal?
a. drupal_get_path()
a. path_to_theme()
a. theme_path()
a. drupal_get_path() without the variables.
2. Which of the following are best practices for scaling Drupal for a high traffic site?
a. Setting the page cache lifetime minimum to 1 minute
a. Enabling CSS and JavaScript aggregation
a. Sorting and filtering by CCK fields
a. Using a PHP opcode cache
3. Which of the following is not a desired way to create a custom page with custom layout in Drupal?
a. Using panels
a. Using a .tpl.php file specificially for that page
a. Build page with exact HTML structure you want
a. None of above
4. Which function can be used to invoke a hook in all enabled modules in Drupal?
a. module_invoke_all()
a. module_invoke_hook()
a. module_hook_invoke()
a. hook_invoke_all()
5. The following are advantages of using Drupal Views vs. custom module development EXCEPT:
a. Development speed – creating a View will be faster than creating a custom module most of the time
a. Performance – Views offer increased performance over custom modules
a. Maintenance – Views is a Drupal standard, as opposed to using custom modules, which gives your site’s maintenance an unnecessary learning curve
a. Upgrading – Views provide an upgrade path to future versions of Drupal, which custom modules don’t provide out-of-the-box
6. Which software architectural pattern is Drupal most closely associated with?
a. PAC: Presentation-Abstraction-Control
a. MVC: Model-View-Controller
a. MVVM: Model-View-ViewModel
a. SOA: Service-Oriented Architecture
7. Which function can be used to attach images to a particular node at runtime?
a. node_save()
a. node_insert_image()
a. node_create()
a. node_load()
8. Which of the following is the correct way to remove core CSS files and add custom CSS files to a theme?
a. By using the drupal_get_css() & drupal_add_css() function
a. By using the drupal_attach_css() & drupal_remove_css() function
a. By placing the

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