Abjure অর্থ

Translations of abjure (অ্যাবৃজিউ)


শপথপূর্বক পরিত্যাগ করা abjure

শপথপূর্বক বর্জন করা abjure

Definitions of abjure


Solemnly renounce (a belief, cause, or claim).

His refusal to abjure the Catholic faith

Synonyms of abjure


renounce, relinquish, reject, forgo, disavow, 

abandon, deny repudiate, give up, wash one’s 

hands of, eschew, abstain from, refrain from, kick

 pack in, , forsake, forswear, abnegate forswear, retract, recant, resale     

Antonyms of abjure

accept, acknowledge, acquiesce, admit, adopt, advocate, affirm,assert

back, bow, capitulate, claim, concede, confirm 

contend,court, declare, defend, embrace, endorse

espouse, favor, give in, haunt,hold, keep, knuckle under, maintain, occupy  

Examples of Abjure-

  1. It is at this point when he abjures legal justice that he articulates the notion of a just revenge.
  2. The nineteenth-century elites kept to their strict Protestant ways, abjuring the theater but supporting music.
  3. In the next few years Campanella found himself in trouble with the Venetian and Roman Inquisitions, abjuring his heresies in Rome in May 1594.
  4. Who speaks these terrible abjurations , Kafka the man or Kafka the artist?
  5. She becomes a devotee of women’s rights, abjures marriage, and founds a university.
  6. He eagerly concurs in the prince’s vow to abjure the throne and marriage.

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